Monday, October 09, 2006

I keep hearing these commercials about asset protection

You know- "protect your assets from the looming financial disaster by invesing in GOLD bullion."

Iv'e always had some questions about that. Like to start, if they send you some kind of ownership certificate- how do you *know* its worth any more than the paper it's printed on? How do you trade n the paper for the gold- normally?

If the SHtF, how are you supposed to get the gold when the entire infrastructure is broken down? Drive up to NYC with no cash-well money would be worthless anyway, right? That's why you're heading to NYC to try to pick up your gold, right?

If th SHtF and civilization collapes, wouldn't something else be a little better to barter with than gold? Lets say, some good knives, or a good stash of FOOD? I think I'd rather shoot a deer or pig and barter for veggies or whiskey than gold untill some kind of order surfaces. I can barter my skills - making electricity, and simple electric components, metal workand carpentry for needfull things- beer and clothing.

The thing is, I really don't think that the appocoalyps is going to bring civilizatio crashing down abut out ears.
Not even the Bush doctrin of unrestricted illegal immigration would cause the catostrophic implosion. A quick decline into second or thirdworld status maybe, with the requisite dishonest poitions--Oh, wait we have alot of those already in D.C.

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