Sunday, October 01, 2006

Hopefully this will be my only post on the Foley thing

Ok, the ONLY thing I can see the Dems have anything to stand on here is that Foley was a Republican.
otherwise, he's all they support.
He's gay.
He also like the younger meat.

The Liberal Democrats want to force you to "tolerate" that lifestyle- in Califoristan, they want you to not only tolerate it but support it.

So we have a powerful white male in D.C. using his power to ,,,,,awe,,,, a young and susceptible worker into inappropriate exchanges (in nothing else) and the Democtats are all upset about this?

What if the powerful white male was a Democrat using a young intern for his personal humidor?
Do you think we'd be hearing what we're hearing now, or this?
WAIT, I know! The only reason we knew about the intern and the first "black" president was that there was just too much baggage for the Legacy Media to hide any more.

I'm just wondering if I'm going to hear anyone bring up the point that the Dems would should be praising Foley for his brave stand in advancing the progressive agenda.

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