Thursday, October 26, 2006

I thought Bush had signed the border bill?

or not...

Or he did in a sekrit ceremony so his friend Vincente wouldn't find out about it.

Then I see this article about Bush finally getting around to signing the bill. Which to my understanding of the Constitution is like two weeks PAST the date that makes it a pocked veto.

So I wrote a note to my Congrescritter Henry Bonilla, asking his take on it.
I was going to cut and paste it right here, but after I copied it and sent it- I copied the first URIL and lost it. So here is the best I can remember:

To the Honorable Henry Bonilla, (I didn't write that, they helped me)

To get off to a pleasant start, I want to let you know that I voted for you last Tuesday, even though I'm no longer a Republican (you lost me when you ran off to the Left).

I see by this article :
Thet President Bush is only now signing the Border Fence bill #(???) which I believe was sent to him from committee before y'all left on recess at the end of September. Since he would have had to sign it within ten days of recieving it (and I don't remember anything about him signing it),
Isn't it considered to have been a Pocket Veto?

Now please tell me why I shouldn't think of this as an empty political trick to bring anti-illegal votes in by signing a dead bill. Considering what his stance is and his friends in big business/cheap labor have historically been. Why should I not think that as of November 8th, the worthless bill will never see the light of day again?

Thank you for your time,
Kurt P

That's pretty close, I don't have the time to try to remember it verbatem because I need to get to E-bay and put another auction up.

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