Sunday, October 08, 2006

Did the Democrats know this was going to happen?

Is that why the border fence passed by a 60 vote margin in the senate?

Just to let you know, el Presidente Bush still hasn't signed the bill. Two more days makes it a pocket veto.
You know, so no-one can say he vetoed the bill. If that happens I pity the poor fools who think there'll be a larg (if any) Republican majority in the Senate.
Does Bush really think he can keep lying to the 80% who want a secure border and still keep from getting Nancy Pelosi as Speaker?

As if the Senate hasn't done enough to chit where they eat, as far as rewarding lawbreakers, now their part leader is going to effectivly cancel the little backbone that the Senate has shown.

Where are politicians who want to defend whats left of the best of America?
It hasn't been in the Democratic party in a decade, and the Republican party is running away from American values as fast as they can.

Tell me why I should even bother to vote?

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