Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I voted yesterday

Forgot to tell y'all. I was a little busy in the afternoon- with my manufaturing and bustling E-bay site and all...

We have a choice about ballots here in Texas- Paper or electrons.
I chose paper, since it's alot harder to hack than some low-bid software.
I also had more than one Ind. marked along with the majority of Rep.

I'm just wondering with all these cries of "voter fraud"- WHY would anyone decide to go the un-traceable computer route? We all know that most hackers fall into the Liberal realm, so why would I think my vote would go where I want it to-instead of the one-in-(???)five that get sent to the Dem?

As long as I'm thinking of Dems and elections and voter fraud (WHY does that just seem natural?), why is it that all the problems seem to pop-up in Democrat controlled districts? Fla. in 2000, Ohio in '04- the pre-planned outrage in Col. about the slightest preceived impropriety.

Why don't they take a lesson from Chicago? They've been having dead people voting there forever with no problem at all...OH, wait- they sent the mentally challenged Daley down there to co-ordinate the 2000 Florida fraud, didn't they? Well, ya can't win em all.

Or, fool enough to start winning many.

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