Friday, October 27, 2006

I swore I'd stop using NOJEW You-tube

But I can't find this anywhere else.

It was on a post about ummmmm...humorous (read: giggles time) in intimate circumstances.

Anyway, this song reminded me of the '86 bronco I was going to do a frame-off restoration,
It's name was going to be Dirty sweet.
The reason I call it an IT instead of a "he" or "she" was because I really didn't know what it would turn out to be... kinda like Dr. Frankenfurters creation....(if you get the movie...COMMENT!)

Like I said, it was/used to be an 86 Ford Bronco I bought for $400, with an oil burning motor.
In Port Aransas, Texas. (salt-air city, babyyyyy---vehicles rust from the inside out.)

OK, a $50 bid in my landlords name got me a 1998 302 police interceptor motor (with sand in the water pump!) [on a chase it "rear-ended a sand dune].
An '87 F-150 pick-up w/ blown engine (but good sheetmetal)

I even got the rear window to work!

Then, I took it up to Houston, where the tranny went on it,,,,

My other favorite vehicle was a '68 Chevy C-10. If I got around to it she was going to be named "Proud Mary" because she never was completely easy....

Ahhhhhh....almost 6 and a half minutes of Tina Turner when she was hot.

OK, your MEME... link your favorite vehicle to a video...

I dare you!

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