Sunday, May 08, 2005

What a surprise, Libs are race baiting- again

Via the American Thinker comes this review of the British election.

Most of us want to think well of the British. We feel a fondness for them, a kind of family tie. Britain seems more like America than the rest of Europe. Historically the United States grew as a sturdy branch from the British oak. We think of the people there as utterly decent, as most of them genuinely are. It comes as a nasty shock, therefore, to realize how slimy the Labour Party has been in the campaign culminating in today's election.

Consider these puzzles. Why did Labour put posters all over London showing two Jewish Conservative Members of Parliament as flying pigs? Why did they picture Tory Leader Michael Howard as the hated Dickensian stereotype of Fagin, the evil Jew? And why did the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, go out of his way to insult a Jewish reporter as "a war criminal" and "a Nazi concentration camp guard"? All that just weeks before the election was called.

Was it because they really FELT (since feeling is what Libs are known for)that way?
Well, no actually.

Tony Blair's political manager let the answer slip out that those three gambits led to media coverage worth million pounds of free publicity. It didn't just happen by chance.

But which voters is the Labour Party riling up with its free publicity? The purpose is not just to insult Jews. There are not enough of them to elect Labour. As Rod Liddell pointed out in The Spectator,

“There is no ‘Jewish’ vote in Great Britain any more. …Certainly, right now, Labour seems to be going out of its way to antagonise the Jews. … Right now, there is nothing Labour won’t do to protect its Muslim vote — and the reason for that is very, very simple.”

So why the flying pigs?
Good question.

Many Muslims in Europe watch Al Jazeera on satellite TV and hear a daily flood of Jihadist hate speech on the web. Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims are even more numerous in the UK, and many of them are awash in Saudi-funded propaganda.

It's for their new core base!! We've got all these illegal aliens who both parties want a vote from (right "W"?) and they have the hordes of moslems funneled through France that they want a vote from.

I like Tony Blair. I don't know anything about Howard, exept that he was a Tory. I was put off when he had Slick Willy campagning for him, but he overcame that in his support of regiem change in Iraq.

To me Blair is in pretty much a no-win situation. He's got to try to mollify his Libs, keep the EU at arms length, and try to keep Britan as an asset to the world as a whole- not easy when he's got socialists nipping at him fron every corner.

I like Brits, they're not anything special(I live with 3- 2 of them teens, so I know how average they are), they just sound smarter because of their accent. I assume from my limited conversations that they are pretty conservative. Their preceptions are filtered through their (almost) completely leftist media.

Not only do we share a common history, we need to share a common vision. I hope we can.

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