Thursday, May 26, 2005

I Don't know where to start with this

Diggers realm has a post on Indian Reparations.

I also don't know where to go with this, or how to end. I know what I think, and that's to call BULLSH*T on the thing. Sen. Sam Brownback (R. Kan) wants the Federal Gov't to offer a formal apology to American Indians. John McCain's involved, too.

Tex Hall (nice Native American name) has this to say:
"Tribal leaders have cautioned that the apology will be meaningless if it is not accompanied by actions that begin to correct the wrongs of the past and the present," Hall said.

THAT sounds alot like somekind of reparation talk.

Ok, we did what everyone in America has done to their predisesors since man walked upright. the whiteman did it more efficiently. Who, besides Liberal appologists think that Indians were nature-loving-peace freaks? Who lived in harmony with their neighbors, and never starved during winter, or tortured their prisoners to death?

OK, they have problems on the Res., but that is fixed by something to live for, NOT the Gov't dole.

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