Monday, May 16, 2005

Strike TWO for SBC today

WTF is with SBC? They're service techs are afraid to go into yards with dogs in them-- guess what the required adornment is down here in south Texas ranches, farms and residences? Some are working dogs, most are pets.

Now, today, I was supposed to be home to control the ferocious Bodus, and the Meglet between 3PM and 7PM. I just got done calling the trouble desk--- again. Their highly trained service tech showed up at 10AM, yep 5 f*cking hours before he was supposed to.

Now I'll have to miss ANOTHER hour and a half of work.

I now work for a small utility company now, and have before. When we have an appointment and we couldn't complete it for some reason, we'd put a door hanger where our customer could find it---NOT just say "lo f'ing siento" and walk away. I have also read meters and done leak surveys. In both of these jobs, I went itno yards with all kinds of dogs and had very little trouble because generally, you can tell if you'll get into trouble by the dogs attitude.
But then again, I wasn't an overpaid UNION lackey either.

We actually VALUE out customers.

Even when we have a monopoly on our service. Hear that SBC? Ma sure didn't raise you right.

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