Friday, May 13, 2005

And here I though SBC was interested in their customers

I gues they are as long as it's convienient for them, and someone takes the whole day off to babysit two friendly mid-size dogs. God knows they won't call a cell phone for someone to let them in- or even leave a tag to let the homeowner know they'd been there.

My 2nd line is out- the back-up line if the computer's online. It's been popping and cracling for two days, now I have no dial tone. They told me that I need to be there between 3PM and 7PM Monday.
GREAT! Now I'm without a second phone for the busyest time of the week. did I mention I have 2 teen age daughters?

SBC, those two morons you have as spokesflacks here on San Antonio radio are dorks; and I guess they represent the company, too.

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