Monday, May 23, 2005

Time for the new boss, not like the old boss

Ok, I was warned when I took the job, that I'd be having problems with one or two of my people. I'd been having problems with one all week- we had a big "do" going on for the first time. The set-ups weren't new to all but me. The problem child is a favorite of the boss, and he decided that it was his time to try to see how far he could push.

I'd tried to be a mellow boss and get a consensus going, but that was taken for weakness by some people. That guy walked out the door Sat, just before I sent someone home. I've been trying to keep my "inner @sshole" under control, but it seems that some people only respect an @sshole.

The new boss is going to have a talk with my kids and let them know THAT cow ain't eating the Cabbage no more. Some people are going to need to be thinking long and hard about their future.

"My way or the highway"-Inner Asshole

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