Saturday, May 28, 2005

Even our Democrats wouldn't try to openly overturn an election (yet)

But Chirac and his Socialists wouldn't think twice about disregarding the popular "NON" vote against the EU PC bible Constitution that's expected.

A "no" vote would leave M Chirac seriously weakened. His rival Nicolas Sarkozy, the UMP leader who aspires to become president in 2007, was blaming the Chirac Government's policies for fuelling the voter rebellion. M Chirac is expected to react to a French "non" by promising to listen to the people before making a second attempt at ratification.

He and other "yes" campaigners have said repeatedly during the campaign that there is no “Plan B” if the treaty is rejected and that there would not be a second referendum.

But one option being discussed in senior diplomatic circles is for candidates in the French presidential election in 2007 to promise to ratify the treaty in parliament rather than by referendum.

Then again, don't our Socialists Liberals Democrats have that idea too?
That we, the great unwashed are too stupid to do what's best for us.

It seems like the best thing that could happen over there is for that piece of paper to just go away. Don't try to be a "United" europe. Europe is Europe, it will never be America. Our histories are too different. Our mindsets are too different.

I don't want to say that European reliance on big government is ingrained, and self reliance is a unique American trait; but it is a byproduct of our differing histories.

Europe has had some kind of centralized government since at least the Romans were in charge, and they're used to looking to Government for all their needs. Americas' feeble Federal Government was almost forgotten beyond the foothills of the Appalachian Mts for the majority of our history, and citizens and (legal) immigrants were forced to be self reliant..

The United States are CITIZENS who (originally) gave our Federal Gov't the ability to use our strength of numbers for our common good on a limited basis. The European Union seems to be a group of seperate NATIONS who only have #1's best interest at heart, and a (seemingly unenforcable) business contract to hold everyone accountable.

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