Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How come it's always "over reacting" when Libs gets their just rewards?

Has anyone been staioned in Spain (or lived their), that doesn't know just how much of a bunch of bad@sses the La Guardia Civil are?

Well 5 men from the illustrious Rainbow Warrier found out the hard way when they trespassed in a joint US/Spanish naval port in Rota. They face between 9 months and 3 years -in a Spanish jail.

"Our resistance is always totally peaceful. We never use violence because we are against it on principle," Luis Pérez, a spokesman for Greenpeace in Madrid, said yesterday.

Greenpeace accused Spain of overreacting to the protest, which saw the Rainbow Warrior sail into the mouth of Rota's port.

"Greenpeace activists in other countries such as the UK, the Netherlands, Chile and France were also arrested during anti-war protests but none received such severe charges and violent treatment as those in Spain," a statement said.
Of course not, exept for the UK, they were probably hailed as heros.

Greenpeace accused Spanish police of using unnecessary force against the Rainbow Warrior crew. "One of the crew was elbowed in the nose and put in a headlock, another punched in the stomach and put in a headlock," a crew member wrote in an online diary.

Well I guess this guy must have slipped, then:

Two Spaniards, an American, a New Zealander and an Argentinian face prison sentences of between nine months and three years in connection with the Rainbow Warrior's "symbolic blockade" of the joint US-Spanish naval base at Rota. All the accused yesterday denied the charges, which included resisting arrest, disobedience and, in one case, causing injury to the civil guard who boarded the vessel in March 2003.

And since they were violating Spaines sovgrenity and security, ya get two choices:

Prosecutors yesterday demanded a three-year prison term for the Rainbow Warrior's Argentinian captain, Daniel Rizzotti, and a New Zealand crew member, Philip Lloyd.

Spaniard Carlos Bravo faced two years' jail while Martin Lawrence, an American, and Spaniard María Teresa Ambrós faced nine month terms.

"We still think they should be absolved," the Greenpeace campaign coordinator, Eva Suárez, said after the trial. Judgment is expected within days.

I was stationed in Rota, Spain. I know exactly where this happened. I could have watched it from our power plant.

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