Wednesday, May 25, 2005

NEWSFLASH - PBS has no Liberal political slant!

WASHINGTON -- Public broadcasting must -- and will -- remain free of political influence, PBS prexyprexy Pat Mitchell declared Tuesday.

"PBS is not the property of any single political party or activist group or foundation or funder with an agenda of any kind," Mitchell said in a speech at the National Press Club.

"Our editorial standards ensure it, and public opinion polls verify it," she continued. "PBS does not belong to a red or blue or purple constituency, and it does not shrink in the face of political threats.

"PBS has built and maintained a steadfast resolve to never give in to pressures to reflect a political agenda. That resolve is as rock solid today as it has ever been," she asserted.

She goes on to say that polls say that most PBS viewers concider that agency to be unbiased. Yeh, that's because most regular viewers are Liberals who think Clinton was a moderate.

Mitchell also has an ace up her sleeve:

Mitchell also highlighted initiatives meant to help keep PBS bankrolled and competitive. The org has started a foundation to solicit major donations; it secured its first gift recently from the Ford Foundation, which ponied up $10 million.

Ok, now rest assured that our Gov't sponsered broadcasting company is as unbiased as the BEEB.

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