Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Strike three for SBC: another no-show

They were supposed to show up today between 8 and 12 AM, nice window, huh? It looks like they'll be missing that 4 hour timeframe, and I'm out 4 1/2 hours pay.

I don't know what I can do, go to small claims court for $100? I'll keep the 4680 number active, maybe next year sometime they'll do an audit and see they've got a circuit tied-up with no revenue. But they're a big company with an uncaring Union work force, so probably nothing WILL be done anyway.

I guess when you're a huge monopoly you can treat your paying customers however you want.

(Update , , , story should now read "SBC lied, nobody died" 4:45PM May 18, 2005)

After leaving home in disgust at noon, I left the dogs out. I came home and called the SBC service center- because I'd cooled down enough not to be cursing every other word.
The call-taker got ahold of the Hondo office, and through them- the tech. , , ,

Before I get to what was told, here's a history of the last week:

Thurs May 12- after a badly cracking line, I called in for no dial tone.
Friday I was told they didn't stop, or look at it because I had dogs- they needed access to the house. Made a NEW appt for Mon between 3PM and 7PM (that's what the trouble desk said)

Monday They didn't even show up- after I'd missed 90 min. of work to get the dogs in. I called in complaining and was told that they don't do routine calls at that time. *CR@P*- ok, when?

Wednesday (today) I lost 4 1/2 hours waitng for SBC to show up between 8AM and 12AM-no show. I left, and left the dogs outside. I cooled down enough after work, and called the trouble desk again, and was told that the tech. WAS WORKINGON THE PROBLEM. OK, why did I have to wait almost a week, if they didn't have to get into my yard?

Somebody's LYING- not that you'd expect any pro-comunist Democratic political machine to have any qualms about twisting the truth any way they want.

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