Saturday, October 07, 2006

So Microsoft, how does it feel to be just like America?

In the "just can't do anything right" department?
Microsoft is coming out with it's Vista OS soon, and trying to make it more secure.
They're even asking hackers for help.

And they're trying to incorporate additional security measures in a "all in one" kind of package- which doesn't sit well with the security companies.

Integrating tighter security features into the new OS seems a logical step, but is it fair?

The European Union has already voiced concern that by including features traditionally bought from independent suppliers, Microsoft is being anti-competitive.

John Viega from McAfee also seems to think so: "I think it's pretty unfortunate that Microsoft is here to cosy up to the security industry when they're working so hard to lock security vendors off their platform.

"With Vista, their new operating system, they're trying to keep vendors off by putting security technologies on that ensure that they have control over who can offer protection and who can't."

Well, I guess when you get big enough, all your friends get jelous, and start begrudging you your succes.

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