Saturday, November 03, 2012

This is why you can't have good things

Bridgeport is right in the heart of Liberal-land on the east- isn't it?

United Illuminating workers reported eggs and other objects being thrown at them a day after Mayor Bill Finch said the utility was taking care of wealthy suburbs while his constituents suffered. The unrest caused United Illuminating to pull its workers out until the city agreed to provide police protection.
"Citizens began throwing things at the crews," Michael West, a spokesman for United Illuminating, told "It started to get pretty hairy. They did not feel safe."
West said it started with verbal abuse and escalated.

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  1. Now that's intelligence of the highest order:

    Throwing things at utility workers trying to restore electricity. Trying to hinder their work. Anyone think, possibly, of the fact that transformer outages and line breakages may be localized, and in order to get power to one area, you have to prioritize and enable power to another area first?

    Because, after all, I'm sure those who were throwing eggs were well-versed in major carrier electrical repair and are familiar with the routings and mappings of all the lines to and from power stations.