Sunday, November 25, 2012

AMC, are you serious?

The mid season finale?

WTF does that mean? Now we have to wait another 10 months to get the next FIVE episodes?

I quit watching Dr. Who because the BEEB kept making the seasons shorter and shorter- now AMC is doing it?

HEY as long as you're going to be down, how about feeding the women this time?


  1. They did it last year, too. Break was just a couple of months, as I recall.

  2. They will be back around February. It is to keep you on the hook longer.

  3. A lot of programs do that this time of year; they have the idea that during the holiday season nobody watches TV since they are all too busy shopping and partying.

  4. I am into the show now but had missed the 1st season, so I'm hoping they'll air old episodes in the interim. I think shows do this to get you to buy the boxed dvd sets of seasons so then you know you can watch at your leisure.

  5. They got away with it with Breaking Bad and Mad Men, so I think this is the new normal there.