Sunday, November 04, 2012

The non-Katrina event

Things aren't as bad in the blue coast as they were in the aftermath of Katrina- physically.

What is the same- or worse is the FEMA response and the Democrats in charge who are falling down (as usual).
There are food riots, dumpster diving (on the second day), fuel riots And FEMA  says they won't be able to supply potable water until Monday. THEN we have news that utility trucks are being turned away because they're not union members. -if I were in that line truck, I'd make a sign saying "Turned away from helping NY/NJ by IBEW #_____" as I went home.

BUT as bad as things are, we're not hearing the non-stop criticism directed at the guy in charge of the FAIL that is the response- no one in the MSM is calling out Barack H. 0bama and saying he hates white people, are they?
No one is going anywhere near blaming the 'Smartest Negro in the whole world' for the failings of his hand picked appointments.

Because it's not a white republican who's not going enough.


  1. You're right. While I can only go by my personal experience with two hurricanes, the response to Sandy appears as feckless.

    The fact that many people didn't evacuate means the response should be much more aggressive. Instead of supporting a population of people in repair, the support is for survival, which means errors cost lives, instead of property.

  2. It transcends race. If Obama were a black Republican, he'd be getting it worse than Bush did. The main difference is that he has that (D) after his name.