Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Dear Mr. Gault,

You don't know me, and may probably not even see this letter; however I would like to express my appreciation for your idea of leaving the mess to those who made it.

I know and understand your seeking out the rich and powerful who could make a difference somewhere else. I am not rich or powerful, but I feel I can still make a difference.
I'm not a powerful oil magnate or a steel Barron, but I know how to install and maintain the utilities to keep them running wherever they may be.

I didn't contribute to this result, and fought against it in the small way that I could.
I don't want to be left to contend with the results of both this new political regime and the last fiscal sanity leaving this country.

Please sir, if you have a use for myself who learned many valuable skills in the Navy and my wife who can repair and manufacture electronic boards- let me know if there is any hope that we might be able to assist your newest endeavor.

Kurt P.


  1. Pick me up on the way, I know how to design a sewage treatment plant.

  2. You design it and I'll build it.

  3. Electrical design anyone?
    The wife can take x-rays and CT's.

  4. How about an airplane mechanic who also was an armorer in the service?

  5. It seems to me that Mr Galt was just as interested in the "lowly "conductor" on the Comet as well as the steel magnate.He was only interested in people that expected nothing for free,and knew the value of their work . Anyone that grasps the consequences of the recent election would qualify, in my humble opinion.

  6. Any need for a retired HM2 who can fix and operate anything that floats, flies, or drives?