Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Here's a message to the Republican party

Their pollsters and other assorted ne'er-do-wells.

We keep hearing thar it wasn't Romney, it was the message...or something.
The same thing we hear when the Democrats are losing.

We hear that turnout this time was lower than even McCain got. Probably.
Because the ONLY reason I bothered to go to the polls in `08 was because of Sarah Palin and the hope that she could do something to help the Republicans.
I bet a lot of others that stayed home this time were Palin voters, too.

Then You threw her under the bus to try covering for that horrible campaign of McCain and your pros.
THEN you gave us Romeny.

Give us someone we can vote FOR this time, or I guarantee you that the results will be even worse next time-
Because we won't "have" to vote against the Democrat and for the smaller evil
Because this time it won't be THEMOSTIMPORTANTELECTION EVAR in your entire LIFE!!!!eleventy!!!! 

Yeah, you lost that one when you decided that Romney was the most electable one you liked.


  1. Maybe it was the message, or the candidate, but my personal opinion is that you can't win a street fight unless you're willing to throw some kidney punches or bite an ear off.

    The supposed gaffe about the 47% was a golden moment to point out the reprehensible acceptance of a government that trades free stuff for power. Even if people got their panties in a knot, the point would have been made and the result couldn't have been any worse.