Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll tell you right now who's responsible

For that train crash that killed Wounded  Warriors in Midland.

And I won't have to take months of wasting  taxpayers money for the investigation and a 1,000 page report.
It was the driver of that flatbed who pulled onto the tracks without room to keep going to clear the tracks.

They were in a parade and the truck in front stopped and the trailing truck stopped on the tracks instead of behind the danger zone. The driver couldn't back up because there was probably someone behind him.

There, I just saved millions of Dollars in taxpayer money for overpaid safety consultants, travel and lodging.


  1. that was my first thought when i heard the story.

  2. Sadly, I bet you're 100% correct. And it was probably someone who was a real fan of the vets too, just making a stupid, tragic mistake.