Friday, November 09, 2012

Found a good time-sink

Because Navy-One mentioned it several times.

This set of answers proves that the University experience takes you right out of the ordinary plane of existence that most Americans know.
The basic question was a lighthearted question about civil war tech thrown back to the Spartans.

Sorry to Navy-One for stealing your schtick- but couldn't help it this time.

This is a link to the Q & A to this question.:

Whole entire american civil war armies combined vs the whole army of spartans?
The north and the south combined vs the whole entire spartan army? The civil war armies went back in time to fight the spartans. The civil war armies have better weapons, but the spartans never back down and they have better strategy.

Who do you think would win?
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@Ksteven, we are just pretending.

Yeah- I'm Ksteven..still trying to figure out just "who" Navy-One is....

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  1. Hey, I love Yahoo Answers. Good question, very involved answers.