Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Giving credit where credit is due

So I opened the gate this morning on the way to work and noticed my right headlight was out. (that's an advantage of having to manually open and close gates- you can see what's not working every day)

So I drove to work with the brites on- hey with these modern illumination systems, who's going to care- right?

Anyway, we got sent home early because theSuper didn't show up and I got home about 7:15. I got around to hitting town about 1:30 and got the replacement (or what the owners manual said was the number- a choice of 3) for $10. I was thinking about getting a pair, because the next one is on the way- right?

So I got home and was expecting to at least pull the battery to get to the back of the light housing, when the book said something like "Pull the two black plastic tabs up and remove the housing from the front". Oh??? *Angels singing and harp music*
O-K! So I did- and it came right out- WOW! GM did something that I didn't need a $50 Genuine GM part for!

I got the old lamp out and tried to plug the new on in, but ti didn't fit. ???!!!???
I looked at the lamp socket and saw two ridges that didn't fit the trucks plug....BUT it worked everywhere else. NOW here is where it's nice that I keep my tools with me- including a utility knife (sorry MSM- box blade) and took care of those two ridges.

Poof- it's back in and the two black plastic strips are holding the fixture just like brand new!

Now, if we could only get the rest of our money from them, we'd almost be set.
---Or a tee shirt that says "$56 Billion and all I got was this shirt!"

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