Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Since everything is a racial codeword- or dogwhistle

Let me try talking about this election without using any, and see if we have any Democrat complaints.

The election on November 6th was a                                    then we                       and           because                                but,                          !          might have                                then              ,              ,            and          , so                             Ohio                           ballot                                        .   If                      not                         because                                  .  Romney                                    Bane Capital                               disenfranchised                            home.      Since                                    Olympics                             .                reelection        SCoaMF              booing                      couch cover                   .

If we                 , then                     because                 - BUT-                                       .
Now that                                              FUBAR                    BOHICA                        then                 just like           .


  1. I don't think Ohio is racist, but it may be a terrible insult to anyone more intelligent than a garden vegetable.

  2. I'm thinking SCoaMF might be a bit of a dog whistle... BOHICA is close too,.. FUBAR+Fuckin Useless Barack And Rahm? Might be racial too... All I know is if Obama was a white man he wouldn't have ever been elected to anything. With his record? He's the affirmative action POTUS the elites wanted. A dumb ass lazy POS that they can drive in any direction as long as they let him play king... Nation suffers, elites live like royalty all good...sigh.

  3. FUBAR- F*cked-up Beyond All Repair.

  4. Oh I know the acronym. Just trying to add a little racist over tone to it..LOL