Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Light posting ahead

So, with that in mind here's something for you to chew on~


  1. Finally, a post I can sink my teeth into.

    Women who resemble Dachau Survivors can go to Hell. I prefer my women Real and Actual. I don't need a Bulimic Model to make me feel like a man.

    I prefer my women with actual hips and tits and tummies and reality. I'm not "picture-perfect" nor do I expect my women to be so.

    What I wish women would realize about men:

    No matter what you look like, if your man married you, he loves you. He would never have done so had he not felt so. He loves you as you are not as you envision yourself to be.

    You keep your man happy in bed, keep him well sexed and fed, and you've got him hooked from now until forever.

    Yes, we ARE that simple.


  2. I wouldn't call any of those girls "Thick".