Wednesday, October 03, 2012

So where is it going?

In this new job I got (after the bleached blond manic-depressive fired me for no reason) after two months of no pay- I'm driving half the distance and making $2 more an hour.

The Mitzu is paid off, we're no longer customers of ATT(saving $70 for all the long distance charges on local calls), DirecTv is on hold.
We're only buying groceries for two- instead of four.....

Where is all that money I should have in the bank?
I'm splitting the grocery shopping up and getting the meat at HEB and the rest at Wally-world, and still paying as much or more for less.

I should be looking at some $375-$400/mo extra cash, but it's all spent...somewhere....

I'm glad I'm not in the middle of raising a family right now.


  1. It's that non-existent inflation rate. You know, the one where enrgy and food don't count?

  2. I've be having the same trouble, $485 used to stock my pantry completely. Now I've got 3/5ths of what I normally do. I'm hitting all the meats on sale and considering buying another freezer after watching the commodities market, meats are going to drop for about another 3-5 weeks then prices are going to start going up again. So get as much meats as you can. Also Walmart had at some stores a 7 cubic foot freezer for $189 I don't see it on their webpage anymore but check your local stores.

  3. So, you're trying to imitate me?

    Every time I get $5 in my pocket, $6 is REQUIRED by something breaking, getting sick, inflation, or my wife's lead foot.

    As Rosanne Rosanna Danna said "it's always something".



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