Friday, October 12, 2012

On the Ryan-Biden "debate" last night

I had better things to do than to watch the 0bama version of Bob Yeuker go at it with Ryan, because I knew it would be like watching toddlers argue.

From what I read, that was about it, with a partisan adult thrown in the mix.
WHY the Republicans always let partisan Liberal members of the MSM (sorry about the redundancy) moderate without question is beyond me.

They are called the Stupid Party for a reason.


  1. Im still not getting why they even have debates. Other than the remote possibility of an opponent walking into a zinger ambush, there is nothing remotely entertaining, educational or useful in informing the electorate.

    If you don't already know that Biden is a moron after watching him on the job for 35 years then another 60 minutes on TV isn't going to seal the deal for you. But the people who are going to vote for Obama don't really care how empty Biden is. Hint: They are voting for Obama.

  2. Why did Paul Ryan drink water and why did Biden avoid it... #tcot


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