Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Misleading headlines

I'm going to take a huge leap and guess that the UK Times is so Liberal that they're almost communist.

The island of formerly Great Briton  is looking at letting homeowners defend themselves against burglars, house breakers and the like. Right now- they are jailed for defending themselves and their homes.

What's being proposed now is to let them defend themselves, but the headline takes it in a different direction.

Or, it could just be the English way of speaking.


  1. Just a bit misleading. One would think that they have an agenda besides just selling papers and informing the public. Nor is the disporportionality test much of a comfort. If the burglar dies and the homeowner lives, boviously there was disporportionate force used.

    Why don't they just make burglary illegal like it is here? then this wouldn't be a problem.

  2. Methinks the Professor doth jest. The USA allows guns. The Brits think they're dangerous. Both countries have criminals plying their trade. And every single one of them knows they're breaking our laws. I think that makes them scofflaws. Maybe we need a law against sclofflawlery. (try saying that real fast after a few adult beverages)

    I think Winston Churchill is credited with saying something about our two great nations being separated by a common language.