Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The smartest negro the world has ever seen

must really be f*cking up his debate prep if the Democrat machine is downplaying his oratorical ability.

Not that president bummble-mouth can put three sentences together without a teleprompter...


  1. You know it's pretty bad when the crooks are embarrassed by their favorite crook. I'm guessing it will get so bad, they'll go look for someone else to be the head crook.

  2. I wonder why they are even bothering to have a debate. It's not like it will inform anyone or change anyone's mind. Let's just get on with counting/manufacturing/recounting/contesting/recounting the votes.

  3. We are seeing so much obvious Media "battle-space" preparation and advance guard work they're overrunning their own lines - and I'm beginning to wonder/be-amazed that they just don't care whether the Emperor is naked or not, they're determined to make him win whether we like it or not.