Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Well, I guess I oughtta say something

This is a blog, and blogs are supposed to have enties on a semi-regular basis.

I was thinking of saying something about the tearfull farewell to Katie Couric on some Legacy media TV station or other. Why are they celibrating her last day there? She's going to a rival network to try to bury you.
But, I couldn't get worked up about it.

I was going to say something about St. Hillary befriending the maid.

Illegal immigrants?
Not today.

Sorry, I'm just burnt-out, and unemployed.

I've got a choice of 2 jobs starting in about two weeks, but I'm still waiting for my last two (going on three) paychecks. I took off for a job interview this afternoon, and told her I wouldn't be in tomorrow because of another one. Well, she decided that I wasn't properly thankful to be working for nothing and decided that they'd be able to carry on with the ONE remaining employee without my help -Thankyouverymuch. Guess this is another company that'll be using Mexicans for work Americans won't do. Tthe boss can rant and rave and she can play games with hours and "readjust" their pay,,, and they'll tell their kinfolkto come-on up!

I'm just glad I had the house and truck paid a month ahead, maybe we'll be able to keep above water untill I get the next big checks. I applied for uneployment today, but I'll probably be working when it kicks in- nice huh?

Anyway, I'll be able to work on some pistol display holders.
The bandsaw should be here any time and I can mill out some genUine Texas Mesquite and Live Oak wood for them.

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