Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm back

in case you noticed I was gone; and I see by my mailbox that I was well missed by each and every one of you.
My modem went south on me last Sun. during the storm, and after getting my trouble report stuck in their computer, I was scheduled to get fixed last Thurs.--except that the order came through too late to have the parts their then. I was then given Mon. as the appointment,,, no part, so now I'm finally online today.

(UPDATE May 24)
I forgot to mention that on top of the computer heading south, my current employer owes me about $16xx for two weeks that theydidn't have the money to cover checks. Gawd, what a week.
BUT Wildblue is looking for installers @$75 per and an average of 3 a day,,,kinda makes you think...
Sorry about griping, just a kinda crappy week. I did get a good start on the loafing shed cum woodshop, though.

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