Wednesday, May 10, 2006

On the horizon, even MORE illegal rights protests

Yes, bouyed by their success in bringing America to her knees on the Communist workers holiday(May 1st), illegal rights activists are going at it again. I'm just wondering how far they think they can push befor the 290 million citizens and LEGAL immigrants finally get the attention of those in the land of D.C.
Now, they want to register 1 million new voters to show their streingth. I'm assuming these "new" voters won't be bothered to show their legal staus, either.

I'm in a hurry and haven't bothered to check but I'd wager that "New American Opportunity Campaign", "the Center for Community Change", "the New York Immigration Coalition" and "the National Capital Immigration Coalition" have pretty strong ties to socialist groups.

Keep going Vatos, you'll see something happening soon- just keep stirring the pot.

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