Thursday, May 11, 2006

Yo! Dude.

Do you really know what that Chinese tat you have on your bicep says?
Like some relativly unknown blogger would say,


And I was always asking those guys (and girls) "do you REALLY know what that says? How do you know it doesn't say "I do horney Sumo Wrestlers for fun" or "gayboy walking?"

The touchy-feely, quasi-spiritual trend of getting Asian-language tattoos became popular in the 1990s. For many youngsters, or for people who wanted to feel young, a tat with the characters for “peace” and “truth” seemed just the thing.


But now that the fad-following hipsters of a decade and a half ago have graduated to jobs and families, they are going to tattoo-removal specialists in droves, trying to erase an embarrassing reminder of the mistake they made one drunken night so many years ago: They were permanently inked with an Asian-language word that didn’t say quite what they thought it did.
I guess now, some are starting to wonder just WHAT the tatoo they got really saysNew York City jewelry designer Jane Ko, 30, who is Chinese-American, has been approached countless times by sheepish and somewhat befuddled strangers and acquaintances who have asked her to translate tattoos that they once thought were Chinese characters for attractive concepts like “power” and “love” but now suspect might actually say “General Tso’s Chicken special” or “gullible white boy.

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