Sunday, May 14, 2006

Is anyone going to listen to Bush's speech tomorrow?

Just curious, I know he'll be bringing up the B.S. about "doing the jobs America won't", and how those same lawbreakers are somekind of "asset" to America. I guess if you look at it the way Bush does- how much money you can p*ss away on nothing, they do a good job.

I know he'll be lying about doing something about strengthening the border, and "getting tough" on enforcing the existing law, and the same tired cant about "tough new initiatives" and the rewarding of lawbreaking with citizenship.

Let me tell you something Mr. Bush, If they WANTED to be citizens, they would have done something about it. Need a visa application with a Mexican postmark? Do it the many times you went back. Call the Embassy? No, too much trouble- we'll wait until they GIVE us citizenship. Learn Anglis? Why, you NortAmericanos have bent over backwards to accommodate us Illegals.
We can get FREE medical care, FREE schooling- in our preferred language, without bothering to study, FREE or reduced housing, FREE meals at school, NO bother with Legal Taxes or SSI taken out of our paycheck.
We don't want to bother becoming citizens- unless you GIVE it to us like we DEMAND our imaginary "rights".

Ok, I won't be able to get away without knowing what was said tomorrow night, but I think I covered it all in my first two paragraphs.

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