Thursday, May 11, 2006

Anybody ready for some 'Ala carte' cable?

I heard some of this on Rush yesterday- when I was moving the truck. Supposedly the goverment- the ones doing so much to stem the flow of illegal immigration and increase the fuel supply- is going to do their best to "fix" the cable industry.

Ala carte is supposed to let you pick and choose what you can watch on TV,,,,,AND lower your rates by forcing cable providers to buy massive new prossesors to identify each house in their system and track their choices. I already have that- I ordered the tier of programs I wanted to watch, and get this ------DON'T watch the ones I don't want to. Every TV since ,,,ummm the 90's has had a V-chip, we have the girls' set which pretty well blocks the objectionable cr@p. Works real well on VH1 and MTV, sucks that they can't watch South Park without our help though.
So you people who "Don't want that filth comming into my house, even though I don't watch it", do you have a radio in your house? Do you mind the filthy, dehumanising, misgygonistic rap lyrics on the airwaves,, where your kids could run across them by changing the dial? Why aren't you demanding that the government do something about it? Same argument goes for the internet.
You're the responsible one (or supposed to be)- you're the one who's supposed to set the example- and enforce them. They make computer filters for porn objectionable material, they make a V-chip for TV turn them on.

And you could start acting like a parent and TRY to produce a productive, polite citizen- instead of some selfish lazy d*ckhead by letting the government raise your kid.

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