Monday, May 29, 2006

We had ribs last night

The reason I mention that, is the fact that the dogs got the bones.
All of them- and they ate them all.

They aren't used to having that much rich food. I found that out about 3 AM when I had to let them out because they were scratching- urgently.

I found out when I got up at 5:30 just how badly they had to go. I almost stepped in it last night by the door and didn't know it. We're now out of paper towels and I know from experience that toilet paper doesn't hold up well when used on carpet. I have barracades set up and Karen will do the final clean up when she gets up.
I'll be at work. May as well, not that I'll see any money from it for a while but the sooner the subdivision is done-the sooner the payoff.

And in a Memorial Day tribut to the Pigboat sailors, an ex-SeaBee (and bubblehead)gives his tribute to the service. I do believe that Cookie will find a place in my blogroll.

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