Saturday, May 13, 2006

An open letter to Sen. John Cornyn (RINO)

From the e-mail I just sent:

I see that in spite of what us in America think, you people in aren't really concerned about doing much- if anything about Illegal immigration, since you don't think it's important enough to be on your list of "hot topics".

I just read a link to the Washington times (I didn't send it- they don't allow attatchments,,,just FYI) saying that you support rewarding illegal immigrants in some form. I'd like to remind you that the vast majority of the 290 million American citizens and LEGAL immigrants oppose rewarding those lawbreakers.

I wish you Republicans would start to remember where you came from, and becoming the party of "Liberal light" won't really help come election time. I don't want the Demopcrats in power, but I certanly hope that they give you a run for your money this November. Maybe then you might start taking an intrest in what the real America thinks- instead of your own little echo chamber along the Potomac.

An Ex-Republican Conservative

Kurt P

Link via the National Border Patrol Council from a link at Ace in the hole

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