Friday, July 29, 2005

WOW, the old boss really ment it

I'd already told my (old) boss that I was looking for another job, since I wasn't happy with the working environment (petty politics, favoritism and micro-managing) (no I didn't tell him exactly that), and that because of the attitude of one of my crew (the favoritism part) that I just couldn't care enough to be an effective foreman.
He knew I wasn't happy, and told me that since I'm still on probation that there was no notice. I told him that I was starting my new job Mon, but since he was shorthanded I'd finish the day.

He told me to turn in my keys, pager (yeah!) and phone- NOW!

Ok, here ya go. Enjoy the thunderstorm with only one qualified lineman :-)

I can use the break, I won't be getting any paid holidays for a while with the new job.

Now I can go price the materials for Jennis' new desk.

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