Sunday, July 24, 2005

Well, the recriminations are starting

From the London shooting. I'm kinda surprised that it's taken this long.
In case you haven't heard, the guy they shot who was running from them was an unconnected Brazilian.

I KNOW things are different across the pond, but as Leftist as most of the news is, I'm pleasantly suppressed that there's not more of a stink. My English wife's first comment -when we heard- was "well, in light of the bombings, he should have stopped. It's his fault." I think the Brits have a better handle on this terrorist chit than we do- historically. They've been through the IRA and their bombs, this is just a different verse- same as the first. So I guess their equivalent of the ACLU isn't getting much traction right now.

The only difference between the IRA and the Islamo-fascists is that the Irish have always been there, and the moslems decided to move over to that "oppressive" country.

I hope the British police will stand fast in their convictions. It(the shooting) may be the best thing that's happened to law enforcement since their judges said that criminals had more rights than their citizens.

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