Monday, July 11, 2005

The new, NEW Democratic playbook

From the Watley archives comes this new Dem re-invention:

Following the defeat of presidential candidate John Kerry, the Democratic party has announced that it is completely revamping its platform in preparation for coming elections.

"A key issue in our defeat was our failure to articulate the core values of the Democratic party," said DNC chair Terry McAuliffe. "While the selection of my successor will of course play a role in defining the future of the party, we feel it necessary to let America know now what we are really all about, before we are written off as the next Green party."

The new platform eschews all attempts at walking the line on potentially controversial issues, and instead attempts to connect with what Democrats suggest are a set of "values all Americans can agree upon." This includes, and indeed is entirely limited to, a broad statement of support for "puppies, rainbows, and flowers."

And why not?
They've hollered and yelled about all their other versions of policy( and still couldn't get their message out) that they may as well try this one.
Yes, I think they should go for the soft and cuddly now- they've shown that the only time they are meanspirited is when it's looking at what America is about.

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