Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I took today off

I had some errands to run, trucks to register and jobs to apply for.

I got a bit of a surprise at the Medina Co. Tax Office when I was waiting to give them my $62 registration fee for the Dodge Ram.
Apparently Rick Perry (R.I.N.O.) and the rest of the tax greedy pols up in Austin decided to jack the title fee by more than double. It went from $13 to $28.
This is under House Bill 1365 of the 79th Legislature for the 'Texas emissions reduction plan.'
I'm not a lawyer, but it sounds like they want to rob title transfers to 'entice' people (more likely their buddies in business) to swap prime movers to alternative fuel motors.
Gee, how silly of me to automatically think "Yep, they want to jack the title cost, so somehow people will drive less vehicles. Yep, that'll work as well as the statewide mandatory insurance does."

I went to San Antonio, and I start my new job Monday.
As far as I can see, the big drawback (besides the years worth of no vacation or paid holidays) is the 7AM start time. I'd have to leave the house at 6AM. The job is trenching for parking lot power, and installing the lighting. A little better pay, and best of all NO pagers going off after 3:30PM. Unless I decide to work overtime.

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