Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm just curious if the world is ready for a new computer desk?

I'm bored, I'm looking for something to do. I want an excuse to build a workshop at the new casa.
In order to really make it worth my while, I want to make it worthwhile to spend the cash on materials (and go thru the motions at our HOA).

I'm looking at the desk top computer console I made to hide the tower in plain sight. The difference between this one and most I've seen, is that I put in a door to make it easy to attatch ALL the cabling in the back(the computer pivots). I also included a workshelf to hold the monitor, printer and paperwork at just the right height to hide the keyboard while not in use.
except for the printer taking up space on the left, I could take my keyboard, monitor and mouse a good 30" farther to the left. That would leave a lot of working (storage) space on my right.
the top two drawers hold our collection of software c/d's, and the base has 4 BIG drawers and two smallish cupboards.

I've got about $35- or so invested in the 1"x 12" pine boards I used to make the body of the tower, and another $10 -or so in hardware. I KNOW how much Wally-world wants for cheap particleboard knock-offs, so I should be able to make a decent dollar if I could get people to buy a solid wood computer work station for around $100 plus shipping- or more if the traffic would bear it.

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