Saturday, July 30, 2005

And here I was, just thinking these "activists" were just concerned volunteers

Not according to the S.A. Express Classifieds.

Community Organizer/ Activist Work for Justice! Build a movement for social change. ACORN, National grassroots organization, seeks dedicated individuals for activist/organizer position. Focus on community issues (i.e. living wage, better housing, child safety & education) and make a difference. Call 226-2584 or email resume to

Location: SAN ANTONIO, Texas 78205
Document ID: 9F300-0542
Ad Number: 27105072405

Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule: Full-time

Published in: San Antonio Express-News
Published on: 07/24/2005

Imagine my shock when I saw that they're paid- yes PAID to do something that should be a work of "compassion" "from the HEART". That almost sounds , , , capitalistic, or "mercenary".

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