Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Trans oceanic perspectives

As I've mentioned, wifes' dad and brother are visiting untill the 10th. Some observations.

* They both can't believe how wide and straight the roads are here- and (relativly) uncrowded. -English roads (and their interstate) grew from cowpaths thousands of years ago.
* Since we live in the country, the unreality that we can step out the back door with our rifles and plink at targets- and how good the 14 yr-old is with her hand-me-down .22!
* 4th of July fireworks and parades- they don't have "organized" fireworkes.
* Fajitas!
* How it's so clear and dark that you can see the smallest stars.
* How quiet and peaceful it is out here.
* Wildlife- deer, roadrunners, humming birds, coons, possums, armadillos.
* Peanutbutter AND jelly- "wonderful, we'd never think of combining them"
* Biscuits and gravy
* The Alamo! (dad's a big John Wayne fan)
* The heat- it's amost 100 degrees in the shade.
* The price of gas- it's about $4/liter over there now - don't you feel lucky?
* The stores open after 8PM and on Sundays.
* Grorcery baggers (they do shopping daily- and bag it themselves)
* Pick-ups and SUVs- how abundant they are here

Just thought I'd update you on the visit.

One thing they don't like is the tax. They're used to the VAT- what the pricetag says- you pay. They had to get used to adding tax to the price.

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