Friday, November 26, 2004

Something everyone's interested in, , ,sex, money and the internet

Can you believe it? Google is getting sued by a porn site for showing nekkid wimmin. From, , ,"Perfect 10 ,says Google is providing unauthorized access to thousands of its copyrighted pictures. The company charges a monthly membership fee of $US25.50 for
its website. Google displays the images from rogue websites operated in foreign countries, according to Perfect 10's lawsuit. The search engine also provides links to password hacking sites that provide ways to gain illegal access to Perfect 10's website, the suit alleges.

Ok, so,,,,that's news? Just because some people can surf for free porn, is
that BAD? I mean I can use a browser, why should I pay for it when I can find it for free?

"Perfect 10 publisher Norm Zada said he was targeting Google because the
company was using the allure of naked women to draw more visitors to its site and generate more advertising revenue."
That's a real eye-opener there, isn't it.

BUT the Federal Gov't is going to protect us from ourselves. Regina Lynn over at Wired News Culture section has some good points. You really need to read the final sentence of the first page- sums it up very well.

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