Saturday, November 20, 2004

Looks like Texas is #1 in something else

According to the San Marcos Daily Record the animals are fighting back.
Talk about a meat explosion, You should see one geting hit by a truck on the highway , , , um, um, um um, um.

Far more people have died in Texas motor vehicle collisions with animals than in any other state, a new study indicates. And many of these fatalities could have been prevented if motorists had worn seatbelts or motorcyclists had worn helmets. . . .

. . .
Texas recorded 161 fatalities in the 12-year study compared to the next most hazardous state, Pennsylvania, which had 85 fatalities during the same time period. The study also showed that the number of vehicle-animal collisions is rising. Hanna said this was a direct result of more traffic on Texas rural roads and the state's abundant wildlife

By the way, hitting a 1,000 lb plus steer isn't very good either. It'll total anything that hits it- (and they don't come equipped with reflectors)

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