Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Oh, the Auariumanity

New Crystal Clear disinfectant sparks letter to customers
By ANITA MILLER - News Editor
If you're a customer of Crystal Clear Water Supply Corporation and you have an aquarium, make sure to check your mail. The company recently mailed out notices informing of a change in the disinfectant the company uses for water treatment.
Effective Dec. 1, the company will abandon the use of chlorine to disinfect water and instead use chloramines - are toxic to fish

"Aquarium type life will definitely be affected, said Mark Speed, general manager of Crystal Clear, adding that aquarium owners will be able to purchase a chemical to add to water to neutralize the risk to fish.
Speed said the change of disinfectant was spurred by new government limitations on certain byproducts that form when water is treated with chlorine, although he stressed that neither byproduct - trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids - have been scientifically proven to be harmful within the scope of normal exposure.
The company's water exceeded the government restriction following the flood of July 2002, prompting a switch from chlorine.
"We exceeded the maximum contaminant level not on a regular basis but one time during a unique event," Speed said. Nevertheless, he said the company "immediately realized this was something we'd have to contend with and started researching what our alternatives are."

Chlorine is cheap, efficient and relatively save- lets outlaw it.

Oh, and by the way; as an afterthought, this was added, , ,
Chloramines can also cause health problems for persons dependent on dialysis machines, necessitating a pretreatment using a charcoal filter. "People in the medical industry that have dialysis equipment, the equipment is already modified. It's a simple process," Speed said.

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