Thursday, November 11, 2004

Any one else been noticing- Kerry stickers in the fast lane?

I don't know, it just seems like I've been noticing more vehicles sporting Kerry/Edwards stickers in the fast lane- driving the speed limit.

I was thinking about this, and came upon a reason, maybe. The fast lane IS as far LEFT as you can drive and still be on the road, and if you're such a rabid Kerry fan then you don;t want to have anything to do with the FAR RIGHT anything. There they are, driving as slow as they want in the fast lane like the self-centered petulant adolescents that they're proving themselves to be.

Is this traffic congestion a "Vast Leftwing Conspiracy" to payback the majority of voters who didn't let them get their way? I want to get this divisive campaign behind me and get on with life like I did in the Clinton years (and the Gore fiasco)- why won't the Left?

I'm trying to find other thing to read, and to write about- but it sees like I'm the only one who wants to.

Brakeman update- he got his rabies shot, and a "found" ad in two papers. We'll see if anyone comes forward. His name will be Shadow.

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