Saturday, November 27, 2004

Canada needs to step lightly

I was wondering what kind of 'nut sandwiches' I'd find in a link from Little Green Footbalsand was scanning the site (it didn't take long, since I don't read French) when at the bottom of the first page I saw:

"Report warns retaliation possible for removal of al-Qaeda associates

TORONTO - A new Canadian intelligence report says terrorists might attack Canada in retaliation for the arrests of several al-Qaeda associates who are being deported for reasons of national security.

In the report, titled Al-Qaeda: Potential Threats to North American Targets, the federal government's threat analysis unit said Canada's efforts to deport al-Qaeda suspects could trigger a violent response.

'Canadian agencies have aggressively pursued removal proceedings against inadmissible classes of foreign nationals associated with al-Qaeda constituents, which may also provide extremists with an impetus to attack Canadian interests.' "

The article goes on to say that Al Quada considers Canada a legitimate target because they helped in Afganistan, and they're part of the war on terror.
Oh yeah, and they deport known terrorists, too.

Go read it all.

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